How It Works

Automate your information flow with ThisMeansThat™. Create insights and let your insights automatically do the work.

Information In

Tell ThisMeansThat™ a little about your organization and/or connect to your social media, website or enterprise software.

Create, Follow or Share TMT™

TMTs are instructions that help interpret information. When you create or follow TMTs, they apply interpretation rules to the people, places and things in and around your organization. For example, create a TMT that generates a website video based on the day of the week. Or, a communication that watches the heat index to determine if it is okay for your employees to work outside.

Marketing, Communications and Metrics

You can integrate the results of TMTs in marketing, communications and in decision making. Automatically create social media posts. Generate personalized email content. Inject information into messaging software, portals, CRM, social media or BI Tools.


Use ThisMeansThat™ to super-charge your marketing, communications and operations.


Use TMT Insights to create video in real-time. Leverage sources such as weather, GPS, journal articles and virtually any insight to automatically create video content for your website, social media posts and internal/external communications.

Social Media Posts

Automatically generate facebook and twitter posts using context such as weather, time of day and much more. Simply create or follow TMTs and ThisMeansThat will automatically generate contextual posts for your organization.

Personalized Email/Messaging

Create a more meaningful connection with your customers/organization through personalization and more frequent communication. Using ThisMeansThat, you can automate your information flow to generate communications that can be integrated with your email communication system such as Mailchimp.

Market Intelligence

Use ThisMeansThat to help connect the dots, increasing organizational focus and value. From journal articles, trade magazines and market research insights, transform market intelligence and organizational insights into data. Help prioritize content and information across your organization.

Analyze GPS Data

Transform GPS position and asset movements generated by standalone GPS units into utilization, productivity and much more.

App Personalization

More than just "hello" or "it's going to rain", greet your app customers with highly contextual, unique content.