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    Are you using enough branded content in your marketing?

    Are you posting at least two times per day on Facebook?

    Are you posting at least ten times per day on Twitter?

    Are you using personalized communications to enhance engagement?

    Your audience is listening, searching and raising their hand. What is your brand saying?

    ThisMeansThat™, with your imagination, can generate the content you need automatically.

    Create and follow recipes called TMTs which will generate videos, social media and personalized communications at high frequency and relevancy.

It's hard to cost effectively create as much branded content as you need. Use ThisMeansThat™ to help automatically generate videos and posts to supplement your content marketing initiatives. Start seeing results immediately because - as they say - good content is king.

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How Can You Use ThisMeansThat™?

A few ideas on how your brand can use ThisMeansThat™. Of course, ThisMeansThat™ is powered by your imagination, so the possibilities are endless.

How Does ThisMeansThat™ Work?

Information In

Tell ThisMeansThat™ a little about your organization and/or connect to your social media, website or enterprise software.

Create, Follow or Share TMT™

TMTs are recipes that help interpret information. When you create or follow TMT™ Recipes , they apply interpretation rules to the people, places and things in and around your organization.

Marketing, Communications and Metrics

You can integrate the results of TMTs in marketing, communications and in decision making.

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